2013-14 Beginning Teachers Webinar Series

Welcome to Professional Learning for Beginning Alberta Teachers. This site supports a series of six webinars prepared in collaboration between Alberta Teachers Association and the Learning Network Professional Development Consortium. Each webinar has been chosen in response to the expressed concerns of teachers entering the teaching profession in the province of Alberta.

In addition to the recorded webinar you have received a membership in the Learning Network Community wiki. Within the wiki you're invited to join in community with your fellow teachers to continue the discussion, explore other resources, and reflect and share your experiences with your fellow colleagues. In addition a recording of the webinar will be housed in the wiki for you to re-visit and review as you feel the need. We hope that you will find using the wiki a safe and supportive place to help, and be helped, by others facing the similar challenges and concerns in their classrooms. Professional learning is surely guided by expert advice however, a powerful "Wisdom of the Group" often emerges from sharing rich experiences from our daily classroom experiences.

Parents and Teachers: Same Goals Different Roles.
November 4, 2013
Classroom Management.
November 20, 2013

Engaging Students The Art of Effective Instruction. December 2, 2013

Emotional Intelligence. **March 3, 2014**
Winning Strategies for Struggling Students.
April 8, 2014

Working with Immigrant Students and Families.
May 29, 2014