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The Honourable Jeff Johnson - Minister of Education

The Honourable John Manley, P.C.,O.C. - Job, Skills, and Opportunities

Andreas Schleicher,- Strong Performers and Successful Reform in Eduction

Dr Glenn Feltham -The Task force On Teaching Excellence
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ECACS Trustees: Intro. to Curriculum Redesign

Exploring Alberta's Curriculum Redesign - Introduction

Competencies: April 2, 2014

Curriculum Redesign: Frog Lake School: April 17, 2014

"SHIFTING" ( with thanks to Golden Hills School Division)

General Characteristics of Curriculum Development Models

Curriculum Redesign overview

Curriculum Redesign overview timeline

Directions for Future Curriculum

Curriculum Redesign FAQ's

Curriculum Redesign Conversation Starters

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What Does it Look Like? (with thanks from Rockyview School Division.)


Prototyping Overview

Prototyping Timeline

Prototyping Guide

Prototyping Q&A

Prototyping Partners


5 W's of Student Learning Assessment (SLA's)

The Three E's


Inquiry as a Stance on Curriculum - Kathy G. Short

Improving Student Engagement - Leah Taylor, Jim Parsons

Designing for Deep Math Understanding

Sugata Mitra: Engagement through S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environments)