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*NEW Link to the ALBERTA K-9 Mathematics Program of Study (2016), Achievement Indicators & Summary of Clarifications! (Updated September, 2016)

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Math 31

K & E 8 & 9

K & E (10-4, 20-4)

Math Support Documents & Additional Resources! (Authorized Resources, Glossary (Lexicons), Fact Sheets (for Parents & Teachers)

Additional Support (Supplemental) Resources


Indicateurs de rendement des mathématiques M à 9 de l’Alberta



ARPDC Learning Portal Please see the resource links on the opening page for more details!


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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

(All levels K-12) Click on the slide below.

Manipulatives.jpg "Mathematics Glossary" Home Page (K-12)

This link allows instant access to the Mathematics Glossary Home Page - select a grade level range and curricular appropriate vocabulary will appear for your use.

Illuminations - Interactives

Click the image to search for Math interactive applets and activities for (K-12). To refine your Search, use the Search features on the right hand side of the web page.
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Illuminations - Lessons (Recently Updated*)

Click the image to search for Math Lessons based upon NCTM standards for teaching mathematics. To refine your Search, use the Search features on the right hand side of the web page.

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Assessment in Mathematics - Linked to Resources

This resource focuses on assessment practices and includes information on the types of classroom assessment; the purpose of classroom assessment; the assessment process; and assessment strategies and tools.

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Here is a recent post regarding Assessment from NCTM President, Linda Gojak - a MUST READ! Please click on the title to access the article.
Are We Obsessed with Assessment?

Math Resources that follow the WNCP Model(School District #71 - Comox, BC) - Resources for K-9 (French/English)
Math resources often linked to Literature and Activities that reflect use of the Mathematical Processes (C, CN, V, R, T, PS, ME)

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You must enrol as a user in the ARPDC Moodle.
Choose "Math" in the Subject Area & you then will have access to Math resources for ALL Divisions (1-4).
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Wolfram Math World - (Division 3/4)

This is one of the world's largest FREE Math resource centres, for anything Mathematical! Click on the image for access to the site.

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K-5 Math Literature Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.15.08 PM.png

Lists linked to Amazon - Click on the Picture for access to math literature lists of books sold on Amazon.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources (US)

Links to resources on this site align with the Common Core Standards (NCTM) - multiple resources for Math that align with many Alberta outcomes and use many of the Mathematical Processes in their delivery. Select the picture below to proceed to the "Main Page", then choose the grade level(s) that you wish to explore (left hand side).

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 3.45.24 PM.png - Math Lessons Linked to Literature (K-8)

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.28.07 PM.pngClick on the image to proceed to the site

Math Solutions (Marilyn Burns) offers several classroom lessons linked to Math Literature for (K-8), resources support the NCTM standards and often reflect the use of the mathematical processes (C, CN, ME, PS, V, R, T) within the AB Mathematics Curriculum K-9 (2007).

Mathematics Planning Guides -

Select the Grade Level to Proceed to the grade appropriate planning guides for (K-9)


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Grade Two

Grade Three

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Grade Five

Grade Six

Grade Seven

Grade Eight

Grade Nine


Math resources that promote student competencies and mathematical processes in mathematics (Cambridge University). Levels:

Early Years (Pre K-K)

Primary (Approximate Grade Levels 1-4)

Secondary (Approximate Grade Levels 5-12) - General Math Resources based upon NCTM Standards K-8 (US)

Various topics and themes based upon NCTM Standards - links to problem solving, math literature, games, enrichment activities and many more useful resources in mathematics.

Choose the Link below to view the various "Math Topics" found on this website.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.03.53 PM.png - Visualizing in Mathematics (K-5)

The following links will guide you to free resources from, these are computer applets that promote visualization using TEN FRAMES, MATH RACKS and other computer applets that assist students to visually construct "5" & "10". Remember the power is not just in identifying the quantity, BUT in the students' sharing perspectives of HOW they see the arrangements.

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Math Learning Centre - Free Math Apps & Web Tools
Select each image you wish to use, links in this site will direct you to free Web Apps or Apps for IPad and IPhone.

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FREE GeoGebra download for Tablets and Desktop Applications

Click the picture below for the link to download these applications.

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For GeoGebra Tutorials, Help and Resource support - Click the link below:

ERLC Math Resource Links

Multiple links to Math Resources found on the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium website for teachers and administrators (K-12).

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Links to Math Resources for grades 10-12, this active blog is produced by John Scammell and has many math links and resources for all high school math teachers.

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